Thursday, June 9, 2011

1095: Me, Myself & My Sanity

Myself: Are you for real? Years are passing you by and you look at nothing but the past! I hate to repeat myself but you are imprisoning the present in your past and your present has no future!

Me: When my future is colorless and tasteless, and my present is darker than moonless nights and lonelier than loneliness, all I got is my past to look up for a brighter future.

Myself: “Substitute itself becomes more painful than the legitimate suffering it was designed to avoid

Me: “Deadening ourselves to the pain we can forget the problems that cause pain

Myself: How many days you've wasted?

Me: None!

Myself: None?

Me: I lived countless days with endless emotions. I wasted none.

Myself: Where are wandering to?

Me: She’s the instruction book imprinted in my heart.

Myself: When will move on?

Me: Not yet!

Myself: What if I tell you she moved on?

Me: So? I’m glad she did and I’m happy she found her path.

Myself: What are you trying to prove?

Me: Nothing!

Myself: Don’t you dare and lie to me.

Me: Can I lie?

Myself: You're pathetic.

Me: Tell me about it, I’m happily pathetic

Myself: I know how you feel!

Me: I know.

Myself: And let me break the news to you.

Me: I don’t think I can stop you!

Myself: It’s everyone’s dream!

Me: What's that?

Myself: Everyone wishes to live the fantasy of the ultimate love story and its getting preposterous with you.

Me: It’s not a fantasy! it’s my life reality. I loved and I lived and now that love is keeping me alive and sane.

My sanity: I’m the absentee landlord, keep me out of it and leave me alone.

Myself: I lost you long time ago.

Me: And I found him lingering in the past and embraced him in my present.

My sanity: I’m losing my sanity!

Myself: I’m lost in translation!

Me: You are answering without me asking the questions!

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