Saturday, September 5, 2009

Restless & Relentless

It was a day like today when I last saw you, when I closed my eyes for the last time protecting a life of memories. It was in that day when I held your hands, it's in these times when days spark the fire from one memory to the next heating up my heart and sweetening my days. That was the day when I sealed my heart and my eyes went shut and these are my days where every light is muted with your absence.
I’m blinded with memories which I refuse to release while walking in your moon light under a starless sky.
With your memories lingering with nights' shivers as seasons change their wardrobes and places take new shapes while I hold your love in the remains of my heart. Those are my blinded eyes that can never journey beyond your face.
Those are your memories storming hurricanes into my restless soul and driving all the longing with their winds. If all universe longings are more, mine are still surpassing.
Those are your memories that cheer the air and lift the spirit and these are my immortal days and nights my love.
I miss horribly you and I wish you a happy gergai’an my endless love.