Monday, July 11, 2011

1565: Me, Myself & My Sanity

I'm enslaved by the moment, I have to let it out of my system.

Suddenly I'm back in time, when a single look at you will make my heart take a free fall in my chest. That was then, and now it's 2011, I live a moment that was taken for granted over a decade ago.

Me: It can't be real!!

Myself: Same looks!
Me: Cloned!

Myself: Same smell!
Me: I can't forget it in a thousand years.

Myself: Same eyes!
Me: Even the eylashes and eyebrows!!

Myself: Same tiny delicate hands!
Me: The exact thin tiny fingers!

Myself: Same smile!
Me: The one that used to light up my world where all is dimmed except for her.

Myself: Same perfume!
My Sanity: This can't be true!!
Me: My sentiment exactly, inexplicable.

Myself: Same haircut!
Me: And the exact same silky hair.

Myself: Same tone of voice!
Me: The mere remembrance of it, silences the world.

My Sanity: What a coincidence!!

Me: Just when I started to doubt myself.

Myself: Doubt what?

Me: That I might be in love with being in love.

Myself: So I was right?

Me: Not even close, to feel the longing avalanche crushing my senses, to feel how I used to feel when I look into her eyes, to experience once more how I used to feel. All that prove to me one thing.

Myself: What thing is that?

Me: That I'm still so much in love with her, that even the mere resemblence of her throws me like a feather into the wind.

Myself: The uncanny resemblance is mind blowing.

My Sanity: You just miss her too much and started to see her in every face. Don't tell me it's the same name?

Me: Irrelevant. She molded me and became the love of my life, there is nobody like her. I can find a million people who has it on the outside but she's the fine one in those millions who has it in the inside.

Myself: You do know that you've chosen to have a life locked in the past?

Me: Why should I be dragged backwards when I can go forward with our memories?!!

Myself: You should thank destiney.

My Sanity: For what?

Myself: For throwing that stranger into his path. It made him feel once more that there is still more love in his heart.

Me: A coincidencee glueing my falling parts along the years. I felt like that person is dissolving with time and I can't be him anymore.

My Sanity: First time you agree on something since she left your life!

Me: I can't think anymore. Reminiscing all those years consumes me.

Myself: How long will the memories journey last?

Me: My answer will expand endlessly as the universe. Those memories are my only way for continuity in this life.

Myself: I'll keep you company and offer you the shoulder to lean on when you stray and can't find you way back to your sanity.

My Sanity: Both of you are heading toward insanity, definitely not me.


  1. wow.. so powerful, creative, painfully beautiful
    i enjoyed reading this piece! which isnt something new to ur blog ..
    its refreshing to see that real emotions and true love still exists. wishing u all the best

  2. Years from the last time I was here, I just stumbled upon your blog again.

    You haven't posted anything since 2011... Maybe that's a good sign. Ironically, I was just reading the post entitled, 'Bloggers End'.

    May the Almighty bless you, wherever you are.

    - MUF

  3. hey there ... its been so long.. i always think about ur last post.
    and hope ur well.
    please let me know how ur doing

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