Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bloggers End

For whatever reason drives someone to blog and share own thoughts, events and emotions. At some level and to some degree it revolves around therapeutic writing. And as with every successful therapy, comes a healing to end it. Which makes me wonder how long does it take for the effects to kick in?
How many bloggers have chosen to abandon their blogs when they felt that it's the right time. I'm not talking about impulsive blogs that come and disappear or those who wants to give it a shot, I'm talking about those who are committed to their blogs, who gave their heart and soul to it and once they reach their saturation point, off they go.
How many bloggers are there in everyone's list who aren't active anymore, who have stopped abruptly, some have had their share of farewells and some felled from the face of blog-o-sphere and walked away.
I've been told by a friend that writing might be the perfect solution for my lack of venting and to avoid explosion, I do spell my emotions into posts that are saved as drafts and most probably won't be posted until I reach a cooling point, just having them out of my chest might ease it a little bit.
Then when does it end if a relief isn't achieved? When blogging starts to turn into an addiction, to a constant urge for that emotional adrenaline shot to keep things balanced and slowly developing new needs & new habits which start to take over. And instead of being imprisoned with certain emotions, people are imprisoned in posts.
How many out there think they've been cured and are ready to quit and vanish? How long does it take for a blog to die? What does it take to turn your back for your blog? How long will it last? How long will I last?