Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It’s your 27th birthday my love and I have to sum up what’s left in me to open your box of memories to look at them one more time, to unleash hundreds of moments storming my soul. Everyday, a memory is resurrected, vivid as the sun, warming my heart by floods of emotions and showers of your scents paralyzing my senses. I love you more every passing day, more than any heart's capacity and more than any divine perception. I miss life through your eyes.

I see you in my dreams and I still miss you everyday, I still long for one more word, for one more single moment to nurture my heart. I miss your laughs provoking angels jealousy, I miss your kind heart making heaven greener, I miss your voice trembling my heart.

We are who we love and I’m proud to be who you are. You’ve softened all my rough edges and completed me; my soul longs for you, you’ve breathed life in me and bestowed me your love, I'm the luckiest person for ever knowing you and I'm all your doing.

I once was intact and now I’m damaged goods.
I once was alive and now I’m a ghost.
I once had dreams and now they’re myths.
I once was human and now I’m a shadow.
I once had love and now you’re gone.
I once was there and now I’m lost.

You've grown and I'm sure you're scintillating as ever, I've always wished we could age together, and all I have now is the memory of that wish. My only consolation is that God works in mysterious ways that it must have been for your best , I hope it turned out prosperous. Happy birthday my love and I wish you myriad more.