Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Junk SMS

Nothing against congratulating messages which keep popping up into mobiles in any occasion. But it gets really absurd to have all sorts of messages streaming all day long. I don't mind receiving them from those who are abroad but from those who can just pick up the phone and initiate the call it becomes really irritating.
I have no idea what's the purpose of sending those messages to all the contacts in phone's memory whilst not knowing exactly to whom they are being sent.
And what's with the relatively new trend by typing down the sender's name at the end of the message. Is it because they think that the receiver might not recognize them and sometimes not even the number. I bet most of those messages are sent without any clue of whom are getting them, just a number stored, nothing but mere digits and there is a great possibility that the number isn't in use anymore!!
Not having the time to make such calls isn't really a substantial reason for not making the call, the cliché that it’s a busy life isn't valid, a call will take less than five minutes and you can always make those calls during the day, or the least you can do is to write a personal message, Not just some junk forward texts.
You only get them in special occasions from some numbers that you might have totally forgotten about. It even sometimes gets really silly that you get them from unknown numbers because you have erased them and you only recognize them by the sender's name at the end and you know for certain you've just been junk messaged.
Sometimes I surmise about such messages, does the sender really remember me? does the sender know if I'm still using the same mobile number? Does the sender know that it has been sent to me? I know for sure that I haven't got a call from that number, I know for sure that if that name hasn't been typed I'd never guess the sender's identity.
Call me old fashion but I feel ashamed from sending such messages when I just can call them, I mean isn't that the purpose of the message, to say that you are being remembered, to congratulate you and wish you well!! The call really puts a value to it, unlike a text message which has been sent by mistake by choosing all contacts in the list!!
Irony, you receive messages from all kinds of people yet not even a word from those who you yearn for every single day. And still waiting.