Monday, July 2, 2007

Females' Crippled Mentality

This post is merely caused by the frustration of female colleagues "work-wise".
This isn't s racism against feminism but rather what I deduced from my own experience.
If both a guy and a lady on the same management level and carrying work in parallel lines, by some weird means she finds a way to mold it into a fanatical grudge war. Fact is that females are drama queens by nature, and everything revolves around prejudices to feminism which shadows all their actions and every single incident is interpreted accordingly.
I'm so fed up with Kuwaiti females' mentality. Nothing personal against them, and I'm not a racist and shall not raise a war with them. It's just the silly idea which is deeply rooted inside most "not all" girls that the society has not done them justice and bringing up the male-female privileges imbalance to any daily activity. Whenever something goes wrong or does not work out according to the female's expectations, subconsciously comes the ultimate explanation for it, because I AM A FEMALE AND NOT A GUY!!
I'm sick and tired of the repetitive whining, the swelling in personality which grows deeper and deeper, the myth that the guy has all the advantages and girls are being crucified for no apparent reason. Not being able to stand toe-to-toe with guys because the chances are always in guys' preferences. I've seen marvelous female colleagues that work splendidly with massive energy and awesome creativity who excel on many level and each one of them worth a battalion of men, they never seem to be crippled with an awkward idea. Those I admire, salute and feel empowered to have them on a team. As for those I'm frustrated about, why don't you try to spark that in yourself!! Blaming others for your own prejudged disqualifications is nothing but a shallow excuse so you can sleep at night and keep blaming the world for your inadequacies!!
If someone excels over you, it does not mean that you've been overlooked, underrated or being treated with injustice. It's because you have not worked as hard. Do not start complaining about how unfair the management is when all you are doing is laying back and care about nothing but your own prestigious image. Heay, work has to be done, and it will not stop when you are gone. It's not my fault that you slacked and still wanna be in charge of everything. GROW UP please. The world does not revolve around you. It might be for your husband, or your daddy or even your friends, but not when it comes to work.
For your own sake, and people's around you, please MATURE a little bit. When you are being evaluated as mediocre, it is NOT because you are a girl. When you are not being notified with the latest updates, it is NOT because you are a girl; it is because it is NOT GOD DAMN YOUR BUSINESS!!! THINGS ARE BEING REVEALED ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS!! When you are being slightly scolded when failing to meet a deadline, or being asked to go the extra mile, it is NOT because you a girl, hasn't the idea crossed your blind folded eyes that your boss has cited a potential that isn't being utilized and wishes for you to cultivate it!!
We all have flaws, every single one of us, and I have my share of mistakes, but that doesn't mean that if I'm being noted for such mistakes then all my good work shall be wiped, is it too hard to understand that once it is being brought up to your attention then this is actually improving you by identifying your deficiencies!!! Do you expect an inspiring morning with all your mistakes vividly squinting at you!!
Yes, I am a perfectionist, yes I demand the highest of the highest standards and the limit is the sky. Yes I tend to force extra pressure when needed to shake things up and pinch your day dreams. Try to grasp the concept that if you don't care about your work evaluation, then you must care about the department image which you are representing, the bosses' plans and your team work efforts.
Stop whining when you can throw it in your work and excel above all!! Smash your limits and blow up your imaginary restrained capabilities, free yourself from the locked up mentality, you own it for yourself. Use 10% of your wasted energy on whining and you shall achieve your claimed rights.