Sunday, May 6, 2007

Human Oppositions

He was is his mid forties with an intriguing feeling around him, a radiant of intelligence shines from him with a sophisticated look empowered with frame-less spectacles, silver gray hair scattering foolishly on his forehead.

He walked through the crowd heading to the boarding gate. You cannot miss it, the way he confidently walks with slow sturdy steps. A great sense of elegance from down his shoes up to the slightly loosed baby blue tie. Just few meters from the gate, stands the smoking booth as a forgotten hut in the midst of a main street rush hour. As he approached it, he reached into his pocket maintaining his rythmatic steps, snapped a cigarette with a graceful fingers. His hands abruptly glowed with flames as he effortlessly torched the silver shining lighter with a magician hands.

His eyes rolled over the glass booth with a shadow of a smirk on his face, with the end of his lighter, her pressed the sliding door button preserving his neat hands. His eyes wandering through the foggy air, stared at the ventilation exhaust for a moment and stood firmly right beside the glass door. As the end tip of his cigarette flickers between his lips creating the effect of a shooting star on a cloudy winter day. He leaned gently on the glass wall with his shoulder, allowing his arm immersing in the smoky room. And moving his hand randomly drawing sketches on thick air with his smoke. He was gazing endlessly through the door. Inhaling with rapture, as each breathe is his last. Exhaling slowly as if he is savoring the air out.

He kept smoking and his cigarette started to wither. Taking glances to the full room with his smoking comrades between every few inhales. Raising his head slowly between inhales the way you try to smell the trees after the rain with all your senses. His smirk was the lightning through the smoke.

I was bewildered with his smirk, finally I understood the reason behind it. He was blowing out the smoke into the room and inhaling fresh air through the opened sliding glass door. The leaning on the glass wasn't pointless, wasn't a random gesture!! He kept the button pressed with his shoulder and kept the door unlocked to keep inhaling uncontaminated air. Smirking at his comrades, as if he had the elixir of life. His smirk turned into a widened smile as he left the booth imprisoning the smoke again in the booth and his sturdy steps lead him to his boarding gate!!

I smiled as I witnessed the human oppositions, as how can one not only proclaim to be virtuous , but actually manage to act like one when doing the exact opposite thing. It's a notch higher than being a hypocrite, since you are not pretending, but instinctively developing the ability to have discrepancies and believe they are well justified if not one!! They start to define you and actually be part of who you are.

How many of us do carry those human oppositions among themselves and allegedly adopt them as a normal attitudes. We've been created with both sides of the equation, to carry discrepancies with our lives. We own both sides of the equation and well acknowledge the elements, many attributes contribute into effecting the direction of the equation. Maybe its the mind vs. soul that drive us into such quirky paths.

Many examples rushed into my mind to fit the segment, and I was amazed as how many people I knew who developed such an attitude.