Monday, February 25, 2008

The Inheritance of Blame

I do not comment on political topics and this post isn't one, it relates more to the human side effects of a political situation.
The current situation is boiling and patriotism is the new hot topic of the week. Amazing how diverse hot topics we have in comparison to our small population and relatively minor accomplishments.
Though the treason accusations are being thrown like there is no tomorrow and regardless of the validations and reasons for such demeaning acts, many actions have been suggested to set an example for whomever steps on our unity. Among those actions, is the demand to drop the Kuwaiti nationality from the infamous MPs.
We have all the right to be patriots, to protect years of accumulated gains and to prevent anything that may penetrate our united country. But as per Kuwaiti Nationality law, children are being granted the Kuwaiti nationality by inheritance from their father. So if we ask the government to drop Kuwaiti nationalities then we are actually taking away their kids nationality and producing a new breed of non Kuwaitis which had nothing to do with their parents acts. I've skimmed the newspapers and failed to notice anything related to the consequences of any of the suggested demands.
I know the situation is severe but don’t those kids deserve a pause to think about them and to protect them and their rights from the consequences of such demands. We are bursting and it seems that we are growing less and less rational lately. Are we allowed to force them to seek a new home, a new identity and a new nationality when the only place they know is Kuwait?
We inherit the genes, the debts and the family name, but we do not inherit the consequences of our parents’ actions and their believes. I know some may argue that those seeds are corrupted and shall result with nothing but corrupted plants. And those kids are probably brain washed and totally soaked with their parents’ thoughts and ideologies. But are we allowed to play God and destroy their lives? to leave them wandering with no future and no purpose?
I couldn’t care less for the MPs as they shall reap what they sow, but if we are asking to drop the Kuwaiti nationality from them for the best interest of our country then let us take the necessary lawful preventions for the sake of those innocent kids who are blamed for nothing but being born with such parents.