Monday, October 15, 2007

Ingrained Day

I've just realized that I've not witnessed the first day of Eid this time!!
Taking a late Ramadan 29 flight and landing of 30th of Ramadan in another country whereas it's the first day of Eid in Kuwait. Then taking a late flight on the same day and landing back in Kuwait on the early hours of the 2nd day of Eid. so technically I haven't witnessed that specific highlighted day which made me into thinking of how many days fallen out of the calendar and failed to capture a single memory.

While in less than a day, a day which doesn't reside on my calendar, I've lived it completely, seeing people I haven't seen in over than 15 years, going to places where virgin memories got birth and smelling scents that dig me deep in sweet memories.

Though the day has no name attached to it or has lost it significance, it shall be engraved into my memory. Many days fade and pass unwitnessed and here an untitled day which I lived with so many details.

Makes me wonder, how many days go unnoticed doing things we automatically think ought to do without noticing the important things in life and forgetting to really living the days.